The Transition Readiness Program (TRP) offers four 2-day tracks for Service Members and spouses to attend. The tracks provide assistance, information, and training in education, employment, entrepreneurship, or vocational goals. The 2-day tracks may be required based on the Service Members' transition pathway, identified during their Individual Counseling (IC).  

Service Members can attend 2-day tracks at any time. It is highly recommended to complete a 2-day track before attending the Transition Readiness Seminar or Pre-Retirement Seminar but must be complete before a Service Member completes their capstone review. If you are unsure if a 2-day track is required, please refer to your eForm to identify your tier status. 

A 2-day track is only required for Tier 3 Service Members; it is highly recommended for all other tiers.

To register for the employment, entrepreneurship, or vocational tracks, please email

To register for the education track, please email

To view the upcoming schedules for each track, please refer to the links below for schedules, participant guides, and presentations. 

2-Day Tracks Schedules, Guides and Presentations

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