Marines planning on joining the civilian workforce can take advantage of credentialing opportunities and employment training up to the last day of active duty. DoD SkillBridge and Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) are tools that enhance a Marine’s ability to securing meaningful employment with a higher starting salary.

MCCOOL offers Marines information about civilian credentials related to their military occupational specialty (MOS) and how to attain them. It can also help Marines stand out within their professional field and prepare for the civilian workforce. What are credentials? These certifications or licenses, obtained by passing exams offered through various credentialing agencies, show that you meet certain professional or technical standards. As an example - a welder can show his welding certification to an employer to document that s/he has specific skills and knowledge. In the civilian world, credentials may be required for a job, or can make you much more likely to be hired for a job. To help Marines obtain these credentials, the Marine Corps' Credentials Program Office has made Marine Corps funded credential exam vouchers available at no cost to eligible Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve personnel.

If you are interested in Marine Corps COOL or have questions about it, please contact your local education office or email

How to Apply

Step 5 - Report your results to MCCOOL

This must be done regardless of passing status.

Send to:

  • usmccool@navy.miil
  • your supervisor
  • your Local Approving Official

General Information

USMAP is a formal military training program that provides active duty service members the opportunity to improve their job skills and to complete their civilian apprenticeship requirements while they are on active duty. Apprenticeships are industry-driven career training and upon completion, participants receive a national recognized Certificate of Completion from the United State Department of Labor. What are the benefits of an apprenticeship through USMAP?

  • No cost to the service member

  • No off-duty hours are required

  • Provides proof of a national recognized certificate

  • Provides documented work experience

  • Helps the service member become more marketable for future employment

If you are interested in USMAP or apprenticeships, or want to learn more, please contact your local education office or send an email to

Program Requirements

In order to participate in the USMAP program, candidates must meet all of the requirements below.

  1. Active duty or members of the Reserve, Guard, or Air National Guard performing in the capacity of their Uniformed Serviced duties
  2. Minimum of one year left on current enlistment
  3. High school diploma or GED
  4. Assigned to and performing duties in a designated rating/military occupational specialty (MOS)
  5. Must have completed the required formal classroom instruction (training) for the trade or documented Trade related On-The-Job-Training (OJT)
  6. Selected trade must be your current primary job at your current assigned command, NOT a collateral duty or temporary duty assignment

More information on requirements can be found here.

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