Dialing Instructions (Cell Phone to Base Phone)

These numbers are for dialing direct to base phones from cell phones or off base phones.

  • Dialing a 622 number (Courtney) = 098-954-XXXX  
  • Dialing a 623 number (Hansen) = 098-969-XXXX
  • Dialing a 632 number (Chibana) = 098-962-XXXX
  • Dialing a 633 number (Kadena) = 098-959-XXXX 
  • Dialing a 634 number (Kadena) = 098-961-XXXX
  • Dialing a 645 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-970-XXXX
  • Dialing a 646 number (Foster/Lester) = 098-971-XXXX  

To contact the base operator from an off-base line, dial 098-970-5555. From on base, dial 113.

From cell phone to emergency 911, dial 098-911-1911. From off-base regular phone dial 911-1911.

Calling a Japanese Cellphone from the US

For a 090 Prefix: Dial 011-81-90-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].


For a 080 Prefix: Dial 011-81-80-[last 8 digits of cellphone #].

Calling a DSN line from the US

  • 645-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-970-XXXX
  • 646-XXXX 
    •  Dial 81-98-971-XXXX
  • 622-XXXX
    •  Dial 81-98-954-XXXX
  • 623-XXXX
    • Dial 81-98-969-XXXX
  • 637-XXXX or 636-XXXX or 625-XXXX 
    • Dial 81-98-911-5111, 81-98-911-5112, or 81-98-970-5555, wait for the dial tone and then dial the 7 digit MCBB telephone number
Facility/Program Phone
Adult Sports

Phone: 098-970-3521

Aquatics Program Office

Phone: 098-970-3180

Auto Recovery Center (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-1799

Bayview Enlisted Lounge

Phone: 098-954-9300


Phone: 098-970-5555

Bonsai Coffee (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-4449

Bonsai Coffee (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-4375

Bonsai Coffee (Torii Station)
Bonsai Coffee/Sumo Burrito (Foster)
Bouncers and Party Rentals

Phone: 098-970-5828

Bowling Center (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-7365

Bowling Center (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-7205

Bowling Center (Futenma)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Phone Ext:6363185
Bowling Center (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Phone Ext:637-1643
Bowling Center (Schwab)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Phone Ext:625-2383
Building 1 Gym

Phone: 098-970-2705

Bulldogs Burgers (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9300

Bulldogs Burgers (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-1599

Bulldogs Burgers (Futenma)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Bulldogs Burgers (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Bulldogs Burgers (Schwab)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Butler Officers Club

Phone: 098-970-7530

Camp Courtney Flea Market Flea Market Area
Camp Foster Flea Market Area

Phone: 098-954-9583

Chef Shack

Phone: 098-970-5809

Chesty's Lounge

Phone: 098-970-3666

Child Development Center Ashibina

Phone: 098-970-5072

Child Development Center Chimugukuru

Phone: 098-970-2549

Child Development Center Chura Warabi

Phone: 098-954-7751

Child Development Center Yuimaru

Phone: 098-970-5555

Children, Youth and Teen Programs HQ

Phone: 098-970-4117

Chili's Express

Phone: 098-969-2580

Community Center (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-5262

Community Center (McTureous)

Phone: 080-9855-6105

Community Counseling (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-2915

Community Counseling (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-1458

Courtney Arts and Crafts

Phone: 098-954-7492

Courtney Education Center

Phone: 098-954-9694

Courtney Library

Phone: 098-954-9280


Phone: 098-970-3041

Custom Shop

Phone: 098-970-0126

Driver Education

Phone: 098-970-5823


Phone: 098-970-5821

Excellence Gymnastics Academy

Phone: 098-970-1602

Exceptional Family Member Program (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9794

Exceptional Family Member Program (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-9237

Exceptional Family Member Program (Kinser)

Phone: 098-959-3516

Family Advocacy Program

Phone: 098-970-2915

FOCUS (Courtney)
FOCUS (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-6077

FOCUS (Kadena)
FOCUS (Kinser)
FOCUS (Torii)
Foster Aquatic Center

Phone: 098-970-2211

Foster Arts and Crafts Center

Phone: 098-970-3674

Foster Education Center

Phone: 098-970-7160

Foster Fieldhouse

Phone: 098-970-3141

Foster Library

Phone: 098-970-7178

Foster Pro Shop

Phone: 098-970-7205

Foster Retired Activities Office

Phone: 098-970-3159

Futenma Aquatic Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Futenma Education Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Futenma Library

Phone: 098-970-5555

Globe & Anchor

Phone: 098-970-3666

Gunners Fitness Center

Phone: 098-970-3985

Habu Pit

Phone: 098-970-5555

Hansen Aquatic Center

Phone: 098-969-4708

Hansen Education Center

Phone: 098-969-4376

Hansen Library

Phone: 098-969-7372


Phone: 098-954-9583

Health Promotion Program

Phone: 098-970-3910

House of Pain Fitness Center

Phone: 098-969-4831

House of Pain North

Phone: 098-969-2701

Human Resources

Phone: 098-970-3052

Inns of the Corps Camp Courtney

Phone: 098-954-9578

Inns of the Corps Camp Foster

Phone: 098-970-2455

Inns of the Corps Camp Hansen

Phone: 098-969-4511

IronWorks Fitness Center

Phone: 098-954-9221

Kinser Aquatic Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Kinser Education Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Kinser Fitness Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Kinser Library

Phone: 098-970-5555

Kishaba Youth Center

Phone: 098-970-8015

La Cocina

Phone: 098-970-5809

La Cocina (Kinser)

Phone: 098-954-9413

Lester Fitness Center

Phone: 098-970-2705

Life Juice Cafe (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9221

Life Juice Cafe (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-2235

Life Juice Cafe (Futenma)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Life Juice Cafe (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-4831

Life Juice Cafe (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Life Juice Cafe (Schwab)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Marine and Family Programs (Courtney)

Phone: 0989547332

Marine and Family Programs (Foster)

Phone: 0989702104

Marine and Family Programs (Hansen)

Phone: 0989694522

Marine and Family Programs (Kinser)

Phone: 0989702815

Marine and Family Programs (Schwab)

Phone: 0989702622

Marine Corps Family Team Building

Phone: 098-970-3689


Phone: 098-970-3970

Martial Arts Program

Phone: 098-970-3141

McCutcheon Gym

Phone: 098-970-5555

McTureous Aquatic Center

Phone: 098-954-7397

McTureous Gym

Phone: 098-954-9261

McTureous Skate Park

Phone: 0989547297

Motor Transportation

Phone: 098-970-7516

Navy Support

Phone: 098-970-5707

New Parent Support Program

Phone: 098-970-0396

Ocean Breeze

Phone: 098-970-3666

Ocean Breeze Gaming Room

Phone: 098-970-3666

Ocean View

Phone: 098-970-5555

Officers Lounge, Butler Officers Club

Phone: 098-970-7530

Oura Wan Beach

Phone: 098-970-5555

Outdoor Recreation (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9221

Outdoor Recreation (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-3909

Outdoor Recreation (Futenma)
Outdoor Recreation (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-4831

Outdoor Recreation (Kinser)
Outdoor Recreation (Schwab)
Plaza Aquatic Center

Phone: 098-970-2970

Plaza Fitness Center

Phone: 098-970-2705

Power Dome Fitness Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Prevention & Education

Phone: 098-970-2915

Private Organizations Coordinator

Phone: 098-970-2494

Rampage Skate Park

Phone: 098-970-3985

Red Barn Country Kitchen

Phone: 098-970-5555

Robertson Barracks Pass Office (AUS)

Phone: 047-164-8443

School Age Care (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-7301

School Age Care (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

School Age Care (McTureous)

Phone: 098-954-9049

School Liaison Office

Phone: 098-970-3205

Schwab Aquatic Center
Schwab Education Center

Phone: 098-970-5555

Phone Ext:625-2046
Schwab Library

Phone: 098-970-5555

SCUBA Training Office

Phone: 098-970-3385

Semper Fit Fitness Center (Futenma)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Phone: 098-970-2134

Shisa Pizza (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-1599

Single Marine Program (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-7105

Single Marine Program (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-3681

Single Marine Program (Futenma)
Single Marine Program (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-3017

Single Marine Program (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Single Marine Program (Schwab)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Skate Plaza

Phone: 098-970-3985

Skater's Way Skate Park

Phone: 098-954-7297

SMP Main Office

Phone: 098-970-3681

Special Events
Special Events Warehouse

Phone: 098-970-5555

Strikers Bowling Center

Phone: 098-969-4629

Substance Abuse Counseling (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-3009

Substance Abuse Counseling (Hansen)
Substance Abuse Counseling (Schwab)
Sumo Burrito (Futenma)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Sumo Burrito (Schwab)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Sumo Burrito/Bonsai Coffee (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-4700


Phone: 098-970-5555

Swim Program Office (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-2787

Taiyo Cafe

Phone: 098-954-2020

Taiyo Game Room

Phone: 098-954-2020

Taiyo Golf Club

Phone: 098-954-2004

Taiyo 'On the Course' Dining

Phone: 098-954-2020

Taiyo Pro Shop

Phone: 098-954-2004

Taiyo Steakhouse

Phone: 098-954-2020

Teen Center (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-1004

Tengan Castle

Phone: 098-954-9413


Phone: 098-970-1249

The Palms

Phone: 098-969-4375

The Veranda

Phone: 098-970-3666

Thirsty's Enlisted Club

Phone: 098-970-5555

Tours Plus (Foster)

Phone: 098-971-3502

Tours Plus (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-6344

Tours Plus (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Tours Plus (Schwab)

Phone: 098-970-5555


Phone: 098-969-4375

Transition Readiness Program (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-3154

Trickflips Skate Park

Phone: 098-970-5555

Tsunami SCUBA (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-7717

Tsunami SCUBA (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9203

Tsunami SCUBA (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-4206

Tsunami SCUBA (Schwab)
Tsunami SCUBA (Torii)

Phone: 098-962-4135

Typhoon Motors (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9546

Typhoon Motors (Foster)

Phone: 098-970-7169

Typhoon Motors (Hansen)

Phone: 098-969-7743

Typhoon Motors (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

US Naval Hospital Gym

Phone: 098-970-2705

Veterans Affairs Representative

Phone: 098-970-3508

Volunteer Program

Phone: 098-970-3749

Warehouse Sales

Phone: 098-970-3954

Youth and Teen Center (Courtney)

Phone: 098-954-9702

Youth and Teen Center (Kinser)

Phone: 098-970-5555

Youth Sports Office

Phone: 098-970-3533

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