The role of a Unit Education Officer (UEO) is an integral part of the Voluntary Education program.  You serve as the liaison between the education center and your unit, encourage your Marines to pursue personal and professional development through education, assist us with disseminating important educational programs and opportunities, and ensure that those who need educational guidance are connected accordingly.

Recently, new guidelines have been established for the appointment of Unit Education Officers, as outlined in the new Functional Area Checklist Voluntary Education (1560).  The notable updates are as follows:

  1. Item 0103 – Is there an Appointment Letter on file in the VOLED Center for the UEO, designating appropriate authority (“By Direction”) toward all duties and responsibilities for command VOLED programs? Reference: MCO 1560.25, par 4b(5)(a)3
  2. Item 0104 - Has the UEO received instruction from the Education Services Officer (ESO) regarding all VOLED programs, the DoDI 1322.25, MCO 1560.25, all applicable MARADMINs, and all base access policies and administrative procedures to conduct all parts of the VOLED Center programs? Reference: MCO 1560.25, par 4b(5)

To meet these new requirements, please complete the UEO Appointment Letter and email to the Voluntary Education Program at with the following information:





Any questions can be directed to your nearest Education Center.


Marine Corps Order 1560.25

UEO Appointment Letter Template

Voluntary Education (1560)

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