Transition Readiness Program (TRP) provides our transitioning Marines and their families with the resources and tools needed to reach their personal goals and includes a standardized core curriculum.

The Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) coordinates with the installation transition office to ensure their Service Members within their units meet all requirements for the Transition Readiness Program (TRP). As the UTC, you will ease the process of transition to civilian life for all separating, retiring, deactivating, and demobilizing Service Members regardless of their rank. In order to become a UTC you must be appointed in writing by the CO. Please use the UTC letter template listed under resources. Once the letter has been completed please email a copy to to request UTC training.

As a newly appointed UTC you must be:

  • Appointed in writing
  • In the rank of E-5 or above and not currently serving as the Career Planner
  • At least 12 months remaining with the command
  • Reports directly to the CO/XO
  • Complete UTC training no later than 45 days of appointed letter

For additional questions or inquires on the role of the UTC please contact any of the transition offices or email us at


Have a suggestion? If you have a suggestion on how we can improve the program, please contact We're ready to hear your suggestions!!! 


Commanding Officer & Designee

The CO or designee, as scheduled by the UTC, personally interviews each separating Service Member to determine if they have met all of the required Career Readiness Standards (CRS), have a viable plan to transition from military to civilian life, and has been provided a warm handover to connect with external agencies that offer additional assistance post transition through the eForm (DD2648). In order to become a designee, you must be appointed in writing.

As a newly appointed designee you must:

  • Be appointed in writing by the CO or O5 (with court martial authority) and not appointed as a UTC
  • In the rank of an E6 or above
  • Receive designee training through the UTC or transition office
  • Review CRS and address any areas of concern or non-compliance before electronically signing the eForm
  • Receive official email 'token' to complete the eForm
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