LifeSkills Training and Education is a collection of personal and professional skill-building classes that promote positive adjustments and improve individual and family functioning. These courses provide Marines, Sailors and their family members practical skills for successful interactions and positive outcomes at work, home and in life.

Courses & Seminars

Communication and Leadership Courses

Four Lenses
Four Lenses is a lively, interactive two to three-hour workshop that teaches participants how to assess and evaluate their own personality preferences while learning to value and understand the preferences of others. Participants learn how to open lines of communication, reduce misunderstandings, motivate others, and strengthen their relationships, both personally and professionally.

Bridging the Generation Gap
Communicating across generations is essential in today's connected world. This two-hour workshop shows participants the unique characteristics of the many generations that exist today providing a foundation to enable improved communication through increased knowledge of generational characteristics, influences, and priorities.

Conflict Management
Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of everyday life – learn how to manage it in a productive way! This two-hour workshop addresses interpersonal conflict and is designed to help participants become more aware of conflict; empowering them to make healthy choices by managing their responses to conflict. 

“Say What?” Interpersonal Communication
Whether in our personal or professional lives, effective communication skills support growth and foster healthy relationships. This two-hour workshop emphasizes active listening and improved speaking skills and uses evidence-informed activities to advance each participant’s communication capabilities.

Readiness and Resiliency Sessions

Attitudes and Actions
Through this modern-day exploration of concepts and philosophies, this two-hour workshop encourages participants to maintain a positive focus using a growth mindset and to be more engaged in their homes, at work, and in their communities. 

Basic Anger Management
Although disagreements and anger are a normal part of life, overwhelming expressions of anger can have a very detrimental effect on relationships with others. This two-hour workshop provides a general overview of the dynamics of anger and offers a variety of acceptable coping strategies to handle angry feelings and behaviors. 

Basic Stress Management
The challenges of a Marine Corps lifestyle can be exciting yet stressful. This two-hour workshop provides 
participants with basic education on the concepts and management skills needed to successfully navigate both everyday and extraordinary stress.

Ready, Set, Prepare: Emergency Edition
Preparation is key to overcoming, and sometimes surviving natural disasters and hazards. Each duty station presents varying environmental activities. This two-hour workshop teaches participants how to plan and prepare for the unexpected while keeping their families as safe as possible. 

Relationship Enhancement Seminars

Premarital Seminar
This monthly, all-day seminar is held to inform service members and their future spouses on the nuptial process, whether it is a dual service marriage, a service member and a U.S. civilian, or a service member marrying a foreign or local national. Topics covered include the requirements of local marriage orders, the procedure to marry in Japan and in neighboring countries, family programs and resources, IPAC benefits, TRICARE services, legal information and services, immigration procedures, financial resources, and basic communication strategies. 

Real Relationships
Resilient, healthy relationships are built on interpersonal skills of communication, conflict resolution, and setting boundaries. This two-hour workshop shows participants how to identify the hallmarks of meaningful relationships, and how to build skills to make them stronger. 

Franklin Covey Core Workshops

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Foundations and Service Members
Great performance requires a common set of values, behaviors, and skills that align with individual capabilities. Participants learn how to work more effectively with others to achieve far better results in this full-day workshop. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People facilitates the establishment of necessary foundations to balance time and renew oneself in order to attain both personal and professional goals.

The Speed of Trust: Foundations and Service Members
Trust plays a critical role in the credibility and performance of an organization. Fostering and sustaining the high trust of others requires specific behaviors. In this half or full-day workshop, participants learn the language of trust, as well as actions to build and maintain trust as leaders. Increasing trust leads to a positive reputation, greater employee retention and improved results within an organization.

Unconscious Bias
Bias is a natural part of the human condition of how the brain works. However, bias affects how individuals make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential. Through this eight-hour workshop, Unconscious Bias empowers participants to identify and adjust for bias, cultivate meaningful connections, and choose courage to make real changes in the workplace and community.

Franklin Covey Select Offerings

Leadership Modular Series
Leaders understand that to accomplish great results, a new mindset, skillset, and toolset are required. These select workshops provide the foundation necessary for participants in leadership positions to think, act, and lead from a new paradigm. Participants learn powerful concepts and leave with tools and skills to help them lead support, and inspire a talented, valuable workforce.

Meeting Advantage
In a world driven by results and performance, Franklin Covey’s Meeting Advantage workshop teaches participants how to plan effectively to make meetings work to their advantage. Over this five-hour workshop, participants learn key strategies on how to plan effective frontloading before a meeting, increase focus and productivity during meetings, and follow through successfully after a meeting is held.

Writing Advantage
To stay ahead in business, documents have to cut through the information clutter and communicate clearly. This workshop teaches participants how to set quality writing standards to help them increase productivity, resolve issues, avoid errors, and increase credibility. Participants help themselves and their organization set writing standards that impact business results through strategies acquired during this full-day skills-based workshop.


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