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This list is subject to change. Please check with the facility to confirm free offerings. 


  • FREE Relationship enhancement for couples 

New Parent Support Program

  • FREE Parenting classes for new or expectant parents 


  • FREE Live entertainment at MCCS Clubs


  • FREE Rentals on CDs, books and movies 
  • FREE Adult programs such as crafts, book clubs and cultural education classes

Fitness Centers

  • FREE Fitness centers and gyms
  • FREE Fitness classes
  • FREE Fitness assessments
  • FREE Sauna and steam room
  • FREE Sports and fitness gear issue
  • FREE Skate parks

Health Promotions

  • FREE Group fitness classes
  • FREE Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing (active duty only)
  • FREE Body composition testing
  • FREE Body composition program classes (active duty only)
  • FREE Basic nutrition consultations
  • FREE Unit briefs
  • FREE Unit PTs (active duty only)
  • FREE HITT courses (active duty only)
  • FREE Fitness/performance assessments
  • FREE Tobacco cessation services
  • FREE Youth fitness orientations

Marine and Family Programs-Resources

  • FREE Japanese language classes
  • FREE Culture classes
  • FREE Personal and professional development
  • FREE Financial workshops


  • FREE Publications: Okinawa Living Magazine and Okinawa Guide

Behavioral Health Family Advocacy Program

  • FREE Counseling for those in need


  • FREE Use of swimming pools
  • FREE Swim instruction for active duty personnel

Marine Corps Family Team Building

  • FREE L.I.N.K.S. Workshops: for Spouses (Marine Corps and Navy) and Kids
  • FREE Leadership and personal and professional development courses (Franklin Covey Series) 
  • FREE Teamwork courses 
  • FREE Four Lenses workshops (personality assessment and teamwork)
  • FREE Volunteer resources and mentoring 
  • FREE Ombudsman training
  • FREE Teen programs (leadership and volunteering)
  • FREE Deployment support (Marine Corps and Navy)
  • FREE Pre-marital workshops 

Clubs and Restaurants

  • FREE Coffee, tea and soft drinks for all designated drivers at all MCCS clubs and restaurants
  • FREE Sunday brunches for children age four and under at Tengan Castle and Butler Officers' Club
  • FREE Breakfast buffet for children age four and under at Ocean Breeze and Surfside

Tsunami Scuba

  • FREE Snorkeling vest rentals for up to 3 days

Typhoon Motors

  • FREE Loaner vehicle rental while your vehicle is receiving JCI services (when vehicles are available)
  • FREE Vehicle disposal, deregistration and towing vehicle pick up (in conjunction)
  • FREE Service checks (all fluid, tires and wiper blades when mechanics are available)
  • FREE Instruction and guidance on how to maintain and repair your own vehicle from certified mechanics
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