MCCS Okinawa is proud to bring to you a wide range of martial art classes. Okinawa is famous for being the birthplace of Karate, so why not join us during your time here and start your journey on mastering one of these many variations of these martial art forms? Descriptions for these various art forms are located below.

If you would like to participate in a martial arts class, please come into the facility and meet with the instructor before the class. Current class schedules are located below, and as a PDF download located in this page's Download section. After receiving instructor approval to join, you can register at the front counter of the fitness center.

Class Descriptions

Setkudo Mixed Martial Arts was founded by Master Hirahara in 1992. Hirahara Sensei has 6 black belts and over 44 years of martial arts experience. This class is a blend of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, and Capoeira. 
Classes for adults (16+) and youth (6*-15). 
*Children ages 3-5 may only participate with a parent (both child and parent need to enroll as students).
Instructors: Nobuhiro Hirahara & Mrs. Kana Hirahara
Children $50/month
Adults: $60/month


Also known as "The Gentle Art", BJJ is a grappling martial art that allows an individual to successfully defend themselves and prevail against a bigger and stronger opponent through the use of leverage-based techniques. These techniques include take-downs, joint locks, and strangle holds. The general aim of a BJJ practitioner is to take an opponent to the ground, establish a dominant position of control, and then force the opponent to concede by applying a joint lock or strangle hold.  BJJ is unique among martial arts in that it allows an opponent to be soundly defeated without causing injury. 
Age limits vary by instructor/location.

Instructors:  Ivan & Arine Sakamoto , Elton Cruz, Joe Davis, Emerson Azuma,
Children (ages 5+)  $80/ month
Adults (ages 14+) $100/month


Isshin-Ryu stresses close-in techniques necessary for self-protection. Unlike most Karate styles, the Isshin-Ryu punch has the fist in a vertical position, rather than palm-down. You will learn a combination of Karate and Kobudu. The class incorporates eight different Empty Hand Kata (a choreographed series of movements) as well as weapons. As in most martial arts, mind and body play a major role in developing patience, self-control, and spiritual stability, especially when developing these skills to improve focus and concentration.
Youth classes open to ages 8-15 years old & ages 5-7 years old with Sensei approval.
Instructors: Tsuyoshi Uechi
Children and Adults $50/month


This type of martial art builds harmony with others and shows how to control the attack. It focuses on the idea that balance is essential to all things. The technique of this class will teach students to defend themselves with little power. Aiki Ju-Jutsu can be recognized by the subtle flowing throws, joint-locks, and extremely effective control of an opponent’s center of gravity. The class also teaches kata and weapons.
Youth welcome with instructor approval; must have adult supervision.

Instructor: Masayoshi Umeda
Children (5-17) $30/month
Adults: $40/month


Martial Arts Classes @ all locations on Camp Foster.

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Martial Arts Classes @ all locations on MCAS Futenma.

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Martial Arts Classes @ all locations on Camp Courtney.

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Martial Arts Classes @ locations on Camp Hansen.

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Martial Arts Classes @ all locations on Camp Kinser.

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Martial Arts Classes @ all locations on Camp Schwab.

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