Join us for the 100-Mile Challenge, a fitness event that encourages you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals! Whether you prefer running or swimming, this challenge is for you. The rules are simple: track your mileage on your own spreadsheet, and complete 100 miles between the first and last day of the challenge month.

There's no need for GPS tracking devices; we trust you to track your mileage honestly. Once you've completed the challenge, submit your spreadsheet within the challenge month. The top 3 participants to complete the challenge will be recognized by Sergeant Major Armentrout and receive a digital announcement of completion.

Both running and swimming are great forms of aerobic exercise, which can improve cardiovascular health, aid in weight management, regulate blood pressure, manage anxiety and depression, and offer cognitive benefits. Join us in this challenge to improve your health and fitness!

How to Participate

  • Contact to receive an activity tracking package and all the information you need.
  • Remember to submit your completed spreadsheet to the same email address before the end of the challenge month.
  • Submissions must be made before 11:59 PM on the last day of the month.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.

General Information: 

  • Open to all eligible base parties
  • This event is ongoing so it will renew every month automatically.
  • 100-mile running and/or swimming challenge
→ Recommendations & Tips
  • Choose proper footwear for running that provides adequate support and fits well.
  • Pre and post-stretching is vital in preparing muscles and joints before physical activity as well as reducing muscle tightness and aids in recovery.
  • Practice gradual progression to avoid overuse injuries.
  • Maintain a comfortable and consistent pace to prevent burnout.
  • Stay well hydrated before, during, and after exercising to support performance and recovery.
  • Allow sufficient time to rest and recover to avoid overtraining and promote long-term health.
  • Be mindful of external factors impacting health and well-being such as prolonged exposure to the elements, heat stroke,
→ Disclaimer

Be mindful of overtraining, if you begin to have trouble sleeping, suffer from persistent fatigue and/or soreness/pain, find that you`re experiencing irritability or mood changes, decreased performance etc. you are probably overtraining and it’s a good idea to stop or scale back your training for a few days until things go back to normal.

It’s normal to be sore while undertaking serious running/swimming training, but if you ever feel sharp pain, clicking, or popping while training, stop training immediately and seek the advice of a professional.

For more information or if you have questions, please email


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