Substance Abuse Counseling Services

Counseling is available for individuals who have been assessed as having substance misuse or gambling issues and who could benefit from intervention or counseling services. The level of care and length of services are determined by the individual’s needs. Our services address major lifestyle, attitudinal, and behavioral issues that have the potential to undermine the goal of wellness and recovery or inhibit the individuals’ ability to cope with major life tasks without the non-medical use of alcohol, other drugs, or problem gambling. Our licensed counseling staff includes clinical social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and all are certified addiction professionals. We provide intake and assessments, screenings, skills-based counseling services, and aftercare. 

Outpatient Services (OP)

This service is offered to clients that have been assessed and are experiencing substance misuse or gambling problems.  Skills based counseling sessions last at least six weeks and consist of an average of 1-8 hours of individual and/or group counseling each week.

After Care

Designed for individuals who have completed substance misuse counseling services. Aftercare is individualized to meet the needs of the person served and can include weekly individual and group sessions to assist individuals with maintaining healthy choices and achieving the goals on their aftercare plan. Aftercare lasts between 6-12 months depending on the needs of the individual served. Clients who self-referred may discontinue services at their discretion but the command will be notified if services are discontinued prior to service plan completion.


SACC abides by DOD guidelines for client confidentiality. Per Marine Corps Order, there are no repercussions for a Marine who self-refer for alcohol use, provided there have been no incidents (such as a DUI). We also provide service for those who wish to self-refer for illegal drug use or OTC medication misuse. If you self-refer and receive SACC counseling services for alcohol use, illegal drug use or OTC mediation abuse, the commander must be notified. This notification consists of the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy the purpose of the disclosure. Services for gambling require no command involvement.

Contact Information

Substance Abuse Counseling (Foster)

Building 440
Camp Foster, Okinawa

Phone: 098-970-3009

DSN: 645-3009

OCONUS Base Phone: 81-98-970-3009


Contact Information

Substance Abuse Counseling (Hansen)

Building 2631
Camp Hansen, Okinawa

Contact Information

Substance Abuse Counseling (Schwab)

Building 3000 2nd Floor, Room PSC11
Camp Schwab, Okinawa

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