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Sumo Burrito (Foster)
Sunday 10:30AM - 10PM
Monday 10AM - 9PM
Tuesday 10AM - 9PM
Wednesday 10AM - 9PM
Thursday 10AM - 9PM
Friday 10AM - 9PM
Saturday 10:30AM - 10PM
Holiday Hours
Located between the Foster Commissary and the Bowling Center.
Sumo Burrito (Futenma)
  Lunch Dinner
Sunday 4PM - 9PM
Monday 11AM - 2PM 4PM - 9PM
Tuesday 11AM - 2PM 4PM - 9PM
Wednesday 11AM - 2PM 4PM - 9PM
Thursday 11AM - 2PM 4PM - 9PM
Friday 11AM - 2PM 4PM - 9PM
Saturday 4PM - 9PM
Holiday Hours
Located inside Thirsty's.
Sumo Burrito (Schwab)
  Lunch Dinner
Sunday None 5PM - 9PM
Monday 11AM - 2PM 5PM - 9PM
Tuesday 11AM - 2PM 5PM - 9PM
Wednesday 11AM - 2PM 5PM - 9PM
Thursday 11AM - 2PM 5PM - 9PM
Friday 11AM - 2PM 5PM - 11PM
Saturday None 5PM - 11PM
Holiday Hours
Located inside Beachhead. 
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