Capstone Review (recommended no later than 120 days from EAS), is where you and the Transition Readiness staff verify that you have met Career Readiness Standards (CRS) and Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Compliance, and are ready for the final meeting with the Commander (or designee). Upon completion of the appointment, the Transition Readiness staff will send the Commander (or designee) a token email notification that you are ready for your final Commander's Verification appointment. You will have access to your printable DD Form 2648 eForm only after the Commander (or designee) has electronically signed the form upon completion of your Commander's Verification appointment.

Service Members will be required to present their completed Career Readiness Standards (CRS) to a transition staff member before the Commander’s Verification phase. The CRS are deliverables demonstrating if the Service Member is prepared to pursue personal post-transition goals. A transition staff member will complete an in-depth review of the Service Members’ eForm, Individual Transition Plan (ITP), and all required CRS documents.

All transitioning Service Members must complete the following CRS in preparation for their Capstone Review:

Depending on the Service Members’ transition pathway (identified during their Individual Counseling) will determine what CRS documents will be required. Additional CRS are as follows:

  • 2-Day track CRS deliverables*
    • Employment:  Completed Resume or Verification of Employment
    • Vocational Training:  Comparison of Technical Schools
    • Education:  Comparison of Colleges/Universities
    • Entrepreneurship:  None

*A 2-Day track is only required for Tier 3 Service Members. Please refer to your eForm if you are unsure of your tier status.


How to complete a Capstone Review

When a Service Member is ready to complete their Capstone Review, they must:

Contact their Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) advisor or specialist to request a Capstone Review in-person or virtual. If the Transition Advisor or Transition Specialist is unavailable, please email to request a Capstone Review and include all required CRS documents and EDIPI number.

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