MCCS Semper Fit offers a variety of FREE Group Fitness classes across MCB Butler. No matter what your interested are, we’ve got you covered! Contact MCCS Health promotion for more information

Inclusion Statement: We encourage and support the participation of individuals of all abilities.  Please call MCCS Health Promotion at 645-3910 or email if you need any assistance or require an accommodation.

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions


Functional Strength / Interval Training / Strength & Core / Bl1tz & L1ft /  Barre / Strong Nation® 

A full body workout designed to increase muscle tone. A variety of equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells, and weighted balls are integrated into each class.



Cycle is a cardio-based class performed entirely on a stationary spin bike. Exercises mimic road cycling, incorporating hills, jumps, and sprints.

Power Circuit / Insanity® / Circuit Intervals 

Combines body weight, strength, cardio, and plyometric training. Movements are set to music or performed at specific work: rest intervals.


COMMIT® Dance / MixxedFit  

A mix of explosive dancing and bodyweight toning. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms. 

Zumba® / Zumba Toning®/ Zumba Step® / Aqua Zumba® 

Zumba is a Latin-derived dance workout. Zumba Toning® incorporates all the elements of traditional Zumba® with added weights. Zumba Step® utilizes Aerobic step platforms.  Aqua Zumba® blends high-energy Zumba® moves with low-impact aqua fitness. 



A mind-body practice centered around intention, breath, and posture. Classes labeled “Yoga” may alternate between different styles. Vinyasa yoga is vigorously paced with an added focus on strength. Yin yoga is gentler and slower-paced practice. Hatha yoga is a series of forceful poses designed to create heat in the body.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga incorporates gentle stretching and breathing exercises appropriate for expecting mothers. There is a heavy emphasis on pranayama (breathwork) to prepare pregnant individuals for labor. While Prenatal Yoga is designed with pregnancy in mind, it is open to all patrons.

Group Fitness Events


Group Fitness Classes @ all locations on Camp Foster.

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Group Fitness Classes @ all locations on Camp Courtney.

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Group Fitness Classes @ all locations on Camp Kinser.

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Group Fitness Classes @ all locations on MCAS Futenma.

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Group Fitness Classes @ all locations on Camp Hansen.

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Group Fitness Classes @ all locations on Camp Schwab.

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Contact Information

Health Promotion Program

Building 970
US Naval Hospital
Camp Foster, Okinawa

Phone: 098-970-3910

DSN: 645-3910

OCONUS Base Phone: 81-98-970-3910


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Fitness Coordinators by Installation

  • Hansen - DSN: 623-4801
  • Courtney - DSN: 622-9486
  • Kinser - DSN: 637-2390
  • Foster - DSN: 645-7834
  • Schwab - DSN: 625-1170
  • Futenma - DSN: 636-3503
Mon–Fri 7 a.m.–4 p.m.
Holiday Hours
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